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Between the cracks (V)

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                Every time it was getting worse. More and more nights waking up anxious, dreams in which he was chased by an undefined presence, faces that he saw on the street more frequently and that he knew that were following and watching him. Were those faces, totally unremarkable by other means, the ones which made him feel right about thinking that something sinister wanted him for it. He didn't know what it was, or who, but he was more and more sure of it. He didn't dare to confess to is wife his night terrors cause, so when he was sleepless and his she noticed he adduced as cause stress, the season laboral problems and other mundane motives.

                After all, what was he going to tell her? That some kind of hellish presence was controlling him? That something out of this world intended to make him its for some unknown intention? It was absurd, even he himself didn't believe himself sometimes, but as time went by that hypothesis was getting stronger in his mind and was harder and harder to discard. So he decided to intervene in the matter and choose what seemed to him the only sane choice.

                He went to visit a specialist.

                Doctor N. P. T. Laryan's consulting room was placed in the most modern district of the city. In a glass and steel tower, from his huge great windows one could make out the whole citym even the traffic fifty stories below seems almost to be in another planet, to be a problem of a much minor scale. The bureau was decorated with taste, indeed. Decoration was based on egyptian motives and there were frames exposing parchments with hieroglyphics and paintings of pharaohs. A carefully worked imitation of the Nefertititi's bust dominate the bookshelf behind the doctor's desk, an stylish glass and black steel framework, solid and elegant, where rested a personal computer, several paper reams and a beautiful fountain pen with an owl, also in the Nile lands style. Some confortable swivel chairs rested over the fitted carped.

               Pedro was resting over a couch next to the windows that occupied the whole wall, separated from the abyss by a thick glass layer. He breathed peacefully, soothed by the soft voice of the Doctor.

                -And how long have you been haunted by these dreams, Mr. Mejías?

                -Already four months, Doctor.

                -And you say that you don't have any kind of working stress?

                -Nothing more than usual, doctor. Some difficult situation arises dail, but it's nothing that can't be solved with tenacity and work- sighed Pedro-. Nothing noteworthy, thruth be said.

                Doctor Laryan stroked his goatee, thoughtful. He wrote on his notebook while he adjusted his metalic round-framed glasses, and let his hand go through his hair, that was already starting to wear thin, before speaking with that so unidentifiable accent of him.

                -I must say that you are mistaken, Mr. Mejías. You suffer from much more stress than you think. Even if it comes in small quantities it takes it toll at the end. Every day it gets accumulated, and if we don't do anything to vent it off we could end up with paranoid reactions, such as yours, although cases of panic, anxiety, low self steem and depression are very common, too.

                -Well... What can I do, doctor?

                Doctor Laryan grabbed his medical prescription pad with a graceful gesture and scribbled something with extreme speed.

                -For starters, took one of this a day. They are some strong pills, but will relieve his symptons.

                -If you say so, Doctor...

                -And the, have some vacation when you have the chance. Go to some tropical country, take a cruise along the Nile with your wife, pay a visit to the Alps... it's important that it'll be a scenery change and that you relax.

                -Thank you, Doctor.

                -Never mind. Relax, Mr. Mejías. Your heart and your sanity will be appreciate it.

                Pedro left the consulting room, and while the lift took him to the street his sense of relief was on the rise.

To be continued... HERE

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